April 2013: Rose Nigro attended the yearly meeting of the PIN User Group, in Boston, Massachucts Due to the successful execution of Professionally Speaking's Disaster Recovery Protocal, during Super Storm Sandy, Rose was asked to join the panel to discuss the importance of creating a robust Disaster Recovery Manual. During the presentation she made suggestions for establishing a relationship with a possible evacuation site in case of a required evacuation. She also outlined the need for an Evacuation Kit, which includes laptops, headsets and all the support materials necessary to run your Telehpone Answering Service from a remote location, over an extended period of time. (A TAS in A BAG)

September 2012 “Super Storm Sandy” strikes the North East. Despite massive damage and power outages with the help of our newly established South Carolina office and remote operators, we remain operational and field a 400% increase in call volume during an 11 day power failure.

June 2012 Professionally Speaking upgrades it operating system to allow for more robust telecommunications with remote operators and allows for establishing of remote offices.

Our New York Office is looking forward to serving you.